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I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had actually started part one of this book report in the *perfect* spot.  About 4-5 pages after where I left off to do part one, the second part of the book began.  This is where the book goes into what I was really hoping this book would be about, the food we consume.  The first chapter name was absolutely fantastic: “She Bought the Fat-Free Half-and-Half”.  If you know anything at all about dairy products, you know that the concept of fat-free half-and-half is completely ridiculous.  For those that don’t know, half-and-half is called that because it’s literally half heavy cream and half whole milk.  This should give a fat content of 10%.  The author goes on to talk about something that’s fascinated me since I started culinary school, this war against fat that’s been perpetuated by the sugar/corn syrup industry in America.

Despite what you may have heard, fat is NOT bad for you.  In fact, good fats are actually extremely good for you.  They make you feel full longer, cutting down your need to eat unhealthy junk food; they allow you to absorb a host of vitamins and nutrients that are fat soluble, and they make food taste REALLY good.  Now, the flip side of this is that you shouldn’t go out and eat a bunch of beef and bacon sandwiches just because fat is good for you, that’s not what I’m saying.  The key is to eat the right kinds of fats.

Concentrate on the healthy fats. Olive oil, avocado and its oil, salmon…foods that provide a nutritious fat for your body.  In the future, I’ll be doing a book report on Salt, Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us(which this author cites multiple times) but for now, I encourage you to discover what you can about the way that our food has been manipulated and is killing us.

On that cheery subject, I’m going to close out part two of this book report by talking about my favorite part of this book so far.  It’s absolutely *amazing* when you’ve been saying something for a LONG time, and have what you’re saying repeated independently of you by an expert.  In his research, this author discovered a woman named Roxanne Sukol, a doctor in the Cleveland area who runs a blog called “Your Health Is On Your Plate”.  This blog is dedicated to the idea(fact) that a LOT of the health issues we face could be alleviated if we just cooked our food from scratch.  That would eliminate the processing that most of our food goes through, which strips out almost all of the nutrients to allow the food to stay on the shelf.  I realize that correlation does not equal causation, but the fact is that a large number of the health problems we have in the country started when we began to let the food companies make our food for us.  Cooking is becoming a lost art, one that needs to be revived if we’re going to capture our health again.

Unfortunately, that’s all of the report I can do on this book for now.  I got this book from the library when it was brand new, so I don’t believe I can renew it…but as soon as I can, i’ll be doing just that and continuing this book report.  The next section goes into some concrete reasons why GMO foods are hurting us, something that I hadn’t seen explained this well before…but until next time. 🙂