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The idea that it is more expensive to eat healthfully than it is to eat what you are already eating, a Standard American Diet (SAD) is a myth.   Sure, you can go all out with the best and most expensive food, but it isn’t necessary.

Done right, eating a wholesome diet is easy, simple and never feels like deprivation.   I help people transition to eating a primarily whole/real foods diet that is personally right for them.  Personally right is important because one size doesn’t fit all – – especially when it comes to choosing food you and your body love.  Your reward is better mood/brain health, energy, rejuvenation, restoration and detoxification naturally.  You can even save money on your food budget when you eat more healthfully.

Here’s why your body will treat with more wellness and how to save money and eat better for you…  Think you don’t have the time to eat more healthfully?   Making it super easy and simple to eat more healthfully is another conversation.  I can show you how.  Contact me at 720.318.9121 or www.TamJohn.com

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, New York Times Bestselling Author, everyone does better on a wholesome foods diet.  He cites the Standard American Diet (SAD) as being the ‘worst diet on the planet’ due to its processed and high sugar foods (& foods that quickly convert to sugar/blood glucose in the body).   The SAD is driving disease and obesity.  What you and your family eat today matters for your energy today and in the future.

The chemically laced (I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but it is chemically laced and you deserve better) processed food dominating the American food supply is designed in laboratories and contains excitotoxins.  They are snuck in food products as ‘natural flavoring’ and other disguises.  Excitotoxins trick your brain to keep eating and never finding satiation.  Ever notice how the last cookie in the package tastes as good as the first one; or you can’t ‘eat just one’ of any processed food?  It isn’t just cookies.  Packaged and processed almost everything create an addictive cycle.  Taste buds become tainted with this junkie food, so real food isn’t appealing.  Happily though, and with a little practice, the taste buds reset and soon the unreal food is not palatable.  I specialize in helping people transition from SAD to Eat for Life ™.

Tips to Save your money AND feel better ….

  • Choose/serve quality protein and healthy fat at every meal (and be sure you are digesting them, which can take a little ‘tweaking’ if your digestion is broken.. I can help with that) and lots of veggies for your carbohydrates.
  • The result is long burning energy that eliminates constant grazing: a mid-morning snack, afternoon snack, and snacks in between snacks, and after dinner snacking.
  • The human body will be fueled with luscious graceful smooth energy as it was designed. Imagine going 4 – 6 hours without ‘hangry’ feelings between meals, because I can show you how.
  • You’ll have longer burning energy, healthier blood sugar, happier mood, better performance at work/school/life and better sleep (and lots of other goodies, but these you will notice most and soon).

What else you will notice is less money spent on groceries because you won’t be buying expensive snack foods or other ‘crutches’ like energy drinks, healthcare/meds and supplements to keep you going.

You and your kiddos (spouses included) will break the cycle of addiction and that’s always a good thing!  Spending less money on food & living more happily & feeling better is even better!

I will give you 15 minutes on the phone (720.318.9121) with personalized tips/meal ideas to help you make the shift to a real food Eat for Life ™ plan easily.  No sales pitch.  Just Healthful.  I Promise.

Tam John (https://www.TamJohn.com) is a certified nutritionist whose training is centered on supporting the unique bio-chemistry, individual preferences and wellness goals.  Personalized Wellness Coaching (https://www.TamJohn.com) because one size doesn’t fit all.

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