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Let’s talk about supplements.  It seems everyone has an opinion.  And that’s not a bad thing but when it comes to what we put in our bodies we need to be informed.  My short answer for supplement recommendations is whatever your health care provider or qualified practitioner recommends based on your health status, dietary needs and medications you take.  At different times in your life you will benefit from different nutrients and support.   Think of nutritional supplements as a bridge to get you where you want to be based on your health status now.

Everybody is beautifully bio-individual.  This means your bio-chemistry is unique.  Although the body’s functional design hasn’t changed much over eons of time and we all have some similar function, how your body perceives and deals with the input you provide (food, supplements, mood, lifestyle, stress etc) is original.  Everyone deserves a personalized answer to optimal dietary supplementation.

I don’t believe one single supplement is completely safe or effective for everyone.  Examples:  Probiotics can be very harmful for those with delicate intestinal issues or histamine reactions; Fish oil isn’t recommended for those on blood thinning drugs; and chromium (which for some is very helpful for some blood sugar and other conditions) can interfere with a common thyroid medication or isn’t handled well by others with blood sugar support needs.  Some people believe a multi-vitamin is a necessity for everyone (great upside to a less than perfect diet or depleted soils food is grown in).  Some multi-vitamins offer synthetic nutrients the body doesn’t know how to process and have a too high percentage of daily nutrients, both of which may be detrimental to healthy function.

Adrenal fatigue is very common due to a cascade of issues involving blood sugar regulation, digestion and stress.  The adrenals often benefit from supplementation for restoration.  A qualified practitioner can assess if glandulars and/or adaptogens would be helpful based on whether the adrenals are hyper or hypo functional.  Sometimes people are hyper and hypo functional at the same time.  Taking the wrong supplement for adrenal support could be harmful.  Often the answer to healthy function whether adrenal health or something else is a need for co-factor support.  For your benefit, seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

Know what’s in it.  The fact that supplements aren’t regulated in the U.S. means that as a consumer you need to be as mindful with your supplement choices as you are with the food your consume.  Seek the input of a qualified practitioner or nutritionally minded Physician or Naturopathic Doctor.   Your chosen professional will be able to assess gaps in nutrition and where your body is asking for targeted nutritional support.  Your pro will be able to guide you to quality supplements right for you and advise you on safe and effective doses.

Self prescribing can be downright harmful at worst and ineffective at best.  Don’t waste your precious time and resources trying to figure it all out.  So much information on the internet is confusing and conflicting.  Seek the advice of your Doctor or nutritionist with the training to guide you to make great choices for your health.  Same as with food, you need to know what is in your supplements avoiding artificiality, coloring, preservatives and ingredients not beneficial for your unique body.  So read labels, and ask your pro questions.  You deserve to feel really good!

All the great supplements in the world will be of little benefit if you are not eating a real food based diet personally right for you.  Add in healthy lifestyle including motion right for you and other nourishing input (like smart supplementation) and you will be on the right track to feel your best.

I specialize in helping people transition from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to real food that is easy, simple, satiating and delicious.  My approach to target restoration of energy and healthy function is geared to reduce signs and symptoms.  Just ask me how easy, delicious and satisfying eating right can be.  www.TamJohn.com

In Good Health,

Tam John

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