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How do i hire you to cook food for me?

If the idea of having a home-cooked meal ready and waiting for your when you get home sounds good to you, the first step is for you to either call me at 720-404-2798, or contact me to set up an initial consultation.

How exactly does this work?

After you call me at 720 404 2798 and we set up our initial consultation, I will either sit down with you in person or talk to you over the phone; to find out what your nutritional needs are, what foods you just CAN’T stand to eat, and what foods make you feel the best.  I will then use the information from this meeting to build a 5-entree menu for you, that I will send to you via email.  You will then let me know if there are any changes that you would like me to make, and we continue doing this back and forth until the first menu is set up.  We will then set up a day and time where I come into your home with the groceries, plus the pots and pans to cook the 20+ portions of food for you.  I then put half the food in the refrigerator and half the food in the freezer, with instructions on how to re-heat and properly handle the food.  After that, once you have had a week to enjoy the convenience of heating homemade food without any work, I will reach out to you for any feedback you might have for me.  At this point, I will ask you if you would like me to build a second menu for you for the next two weeks’ worth of food.  When  you are interestedin continuing, I will then work with you to create this second menu the same way we created the first one.  I will come to your home at the same day of the week and the same time as the first cooking session (because by now, the 20+ plastic containers that I provided for you are empty and have been run through your dishwasher on the top rack and are ready to be reused) where I will cook the second menu for you, for another two weeks’ worth of food that is stored in your refrigerator and freezer.


Wait! I can wash the plastic containers?!?

Yup, you sure can.  The containers are dishwasher safe on the top rack, so we will keep using these containers until they wear out.  If containers do wear out, I will replace them at no cost.

OH! Okay! So I can just throw the plastic containers in the microwave to reheat my food right?

chuckle…nope.  If you reheat any of the food in the microwave, you will want to transfer the food to a microwave safe dish.  The plastic containers tend to melt a little in the microwave…and that is not going to taste very good!

Do I need to be home when you cook food for me?

At the time that I cook the food, you do NOT need to be in the home with me.  This is something that is completely up to you.  I am insured through State Farm up to $1,000,000 in damages, so if I set your kitchen on fire you are covered. 😉  With this in mind, I have no problem at all having somebody in the kitchen with me, over my shoulder, watching what I am doing.  If you want some instructions on better ways for you to make your own food, please just ask and I will help where I can.

How do I pay you?

Payment is made at the time the service is delivered, either by cash or check.  If you are not home when I cook the food, just leave an envelope on the counter with payment and I will take that after the food is cooked and put into your refrigerator and freezer.

What if i don’t like a recipe?

As I tell everybody, this is a personal chef service, not a generic chef service.  If I cook a meal for you that you don’t like just let me know, and I can email you a replacement recipe for next time that I cook, that we can work out back and forth over email as before to  make sure you are eating food that you enjoy.

What kind of foods do you prepare?

I can cook anything you want.  If you want to eat a paleo diet, I can do that.  If you want to eat completely vegetarian/vegan, I can do that.  If you want to eat gluten-free, I can do that.  If you want to be the crazy hippie who ONLY eats grain, nuts and berries, I can…maybe do that 🙂  The moral of the story is that if you have a dietary need, I can fill that need for you.


How much does the service cost?

The base price for the service is $350 for two weeks’ worth of Monday-Friday dinners for a couple, or 20 portions of food.  If you are a single person, this equates to two weeks’ worth of Monday-Friday dinners AND lunches.  If you have children, I can scale the service up as high as you would like.  The cost for scaling up is an additional $75 for each 10 portions of food.  So if you have 3 teenage boys in the family, that would be an extra 30 portions of food, for a total of 575 for two weeks’ worth of dinners for the family.  If you have two kids that are say 6 and 9, they probably don’t eat an adult sized portion.  They could probably split the 10 extra portions, making the total for this family $425 for two weeks’ worth of dinners.  If you are the Duggar family with 19 kids that might be a stretch, but I can probably make it happen 😉  I think you probably get the jist of it by now…


How do I reheat the food once it has been prepared?

Re-heating instructions will be provided for each menu that is cooked by me.  Some food takes different reheatng instructions than others.  For example, if I prepare 2 fish, 2 chicken and 1 pork entree all with a vegetable, the proteins would be re-heated in an oven at different times and temperatures, and the vegetables could be reheated in the microwave if you so choose.  Also, once you eat a meal from the refrigerator, you will then take that many portions of the meal out of the freezer and put it into the refrigerator so it is thawed out by that time next week.


How long is the food good for?

The standard is that food in a refrigerator is only good for seven days, so any food that is stored there needs to be eaten within that time frame.  As mentioned above, once a meal is eaten from the refrigerator you will move that meal from the freezer to the fridge so it can thaw by the time you are ready to eat it the next week.  This will allow your food to stay healthy during storage.  Also, food in the freezer inside the plastic containers is good for up to 90 days…but I have a feeling you won’t want this delicious food to be sitting in your freezer that long 🙂

Where do you get your groceries?

I buy probably 90-95% of my groceries at the local Sprouts Farmers Market at 10018 Commons St. Lone tree.  Almost all of their vegetables are organic, and the meat is very high quality.  If you are buying groceries on your own, I HIGHLY recommend Sprouts.  I say it is like shopping at Whole Foods…but at a 30-40% discount 🙂

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