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Chef Curry’s Cuisine Healthy Whole Food

Sample Menu

From Delicious Mac and Cheese to Citrus Marinated Salmon with spice-roasted brussels sprouts, my world-inspired menu will have your mouth watering and your stomach full.

Mom Uncle Cousin Matt72My philosophy on food is to only use whole ingredients, cooked from scratch.

The reason?

  • Most of our American Diet is filled with preservatives and food that has lost its nutritional value. As our need to mass produce consumable food has increased over the past century, bad things have been added to our food replacing the love and care that used to go into it.
  • Today, things are starting to swing in the right direction with urban farming and the organic movement in food production.
  • I buy all of the ingredients used to feed you and your family from the local Sprout’s Famers Market here locally in Colorado. So, if you would like to go home again, eat healthy, and feel like someone is really caring about your diet and your future just like your Grandma,

call 720 404 2798 and let’s create a wholesome menu for your family.